Appliance Service Repair Company Providing Customer Service After the Sale

While it is important that customers are spoken to in an understandable manner and cared for while their appliances are being serviced, there are two other aspects of customer service that are often neglected by GE appliance service businesses.

Customer Service Prior to Service

You may think that there isn’t much pre-sell involved with appliance service. Either someone needs their appliances serviced or they don’t, right? That is actually very wrong! One local company understands that the right amount of customer service prior to a service can result in many more customers down the line and they stay very busy as a result of this knowledge kenmore appliance repair los angeles!

Potential customers will often call several local GE appliance service businesses before deciding who they feel the most comfortable hiring. If you are in customer service mode on that very first phone call you will put them at ease, make them feel comfortable with you, and make your service stand out in their mind even if they do call around to other places.

Also, if you use the right customer service strategies in the beginning, you could find that customers start referring you to other people they know before you even make a trip to their home to fix their appliances. Word of mouth is the best way to advertise because it’s free, and it starts with customer service from the very first phone call.

Customer Service After the Service

Once you have repaired their appliance, the sale is over and you move on to the next customer, right? Not so fast! Even if you do an excellent job repairing their appliances and answering all their questions during the service, you are missing a great opportunity to expand your business if you just disappear.

Any reputable appliance service will remain open to future repairs if something goes wrong with an appliance, but you have to take it a step further. You have to follow the lead of one local business and discover the art of after service customer service.

Think of ways to keep your service in their mind so they will remember your name when they need appliance service in the future or when someone they know asks for a referral. You want to keep your company name in their memory, which is best accomplished by sending a post card to say thank you for their service. You can even include coupons for future services within a given time period or send periodical postcards checking on them.

This type of after-service customer service makes a customer feel valued and appreciated and it keeps you at the top of their mind if they do need GE appliance service sometime in the future.

This is the only way to earn repeat business and keep customers from calling up other appliance service businesses and going with someone else.

Remember, customers do not want to deal with businesses of any variety that are disrespectful, rude, or mediocre in quality. All General White Goods are experts and they are specialists in Ge service.

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